Spring Cleaning. . . for your computer

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Missoula Homes for Sale Lambros ERAEvery morning I wake up, stumble into my home office and hit the power button on the back of my precious iMac. Second monitor turned on? Check. Magic Mouse powered up? Check. Time to make coffee, come back and dig into work. Midday hits and all of a sudden I’m in panic mode wondering if my computer is overheating and going to crash on me.

As I leave my overworked computer to sit and cool off, I’m thinking: When was the last time I did some spring cleaning of my own?  It’s time!

We don’t realize how much our daily lives depend on technology until something goes wrong. When is the last time you did some spring cleaning on your computer?

Here’s a checklist*. Set a reminder in your calendar to go through these few steps once a month. *use your Evernote Clipper to save this for later!*


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