Simple Staging Tips For Fall

by Gabrielle Green



Fall can be a wonderful time to sell your home – there is generally less competition from other houses during this season and the buyers that are out looking tend to be more serious and are gunning to find a home and move before winter and the holidays arrive.  Take advantage of the season’s warm and inviting colors to stage your home and help it sell faster.

  • Paint – A fresh coat of interior paint is always a smart idea when listing your home.  Choose a rich, neutral shade of brown, cream, or sage green.
  • Cozy Comfort – A warm, cozy house will make a favorable impression this time of year.  Plush blankets and throw pillows are an easy way to enhance this feeling.  Deep red and orange blankets and pillows will add lively color and go well with any of the paint colors mentioned above.
  • Lighting – Well lit rooms look larger and more inviting.  With days getting shorter, adequate lighting becomes a bigger concern. Open up your curtains and blinds and make sure that your lamps are providing enough illumination during the evening hours.
  • Moderation – Remember that less is more.  A few tasteful accents or decorations will enhance the appearance of your home – things like comfortable bedding, plush blankets, throw pillows, candles, vases of fall foliage, a classic fall wreath on the front door are all wonderful ideas this time of year.  However, it is best that you don’t go overboard.
  • Curb Appeal – Don’t forget that while interior staging is certainly important, so is the exterior of your home.  As summer plants start to fade and go dormant, dirty siding and other flaws will become more noticeable.  Make sure to keep leaves raked up, clean out your gutters, and power wash your siding.