Fishing the Depths

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19 Oct 2012
by Missoula-Mag
by bob meseroll
photographs by kurt wilson
For Jim Cox, the thrill of streamer fishing is both tangible and esoteric.
“I like the variable three-dimensional aspect of it,” said Cox, co-owner of Missoula’s Kingfisher Fly Shop. “It’s a much more interesting gig than something like indicator nymphing, where your nymphs are set at a certain depth and you’re basically just kind of watching your bobber.
“Fishing streamers right is all about manipulation of the speed your bug is moving, the planes on which you’re fishing them and varying the bug position through the drift all the time.”
So much for the esoteric.
“Also, there’s nothing on the planet that’s like a streamer hit. When the fish are taking streamers aggressively it’s just out of hand,” Cox said.
Rich Birdsell, co-host of Trout TV and owner of Northern Rockies Outfitters, cuts right to the chase.
“I would say the No. 1 reason I like to streamer fish is that it seems like the predatory fish are the ones eating the streamers, which means mostly brown trout and the larger fish,” Birdsell said. “We always get the biggest fish on the streamers, it seems like. It’s not always the case, but generally speaking you get the bigger fish on the streamer.”