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From Owning the Fence

Having just celebrated Earth Day, we wanted to share some fun tips and tricks you can do at home to keep the “green” vibe going all year long:

  • Bring the ocean to you.  If you have a pool on your property, switch out the chlorine for a salt water filtration system.  Not only will you save money on chemicals, salt water pools require less maintenance and are better for your skin.
  • Dust off your green thumb.  Gardening is a great hobby and offers many health benefits by creating good blood flow and decreasing stress levels.  Additionally, gardens can help to increase your home’s value and provide you with fresh food.
  • Collect rain water for your garden.  Once your garden is ready to go, you’ll need to maintain it by providing enough water.  Rain water is a natural and cost-effective option.  Rain-harvesting systems are easy and cheap to install.
  • Steam clean your rugs.  Traditional vacuums will keep your floors clean on the surface, steam cleaning will help remove harmful allergens and deep dirt.  Steam cleaners use only water and heat – no chemicals – making them an eco-friendly and pet safe solution for your home.
  • Test the air moisture levels.  Keeping a balanced humidity level in your home is important.  Too much moisture can increase exposure to allergens, mildew, mold, and dust mites.  High moisture can also cause damage to your home, such as rusting and warping.  Dehumidifiers are great at eliminating dampness and don’t require any installation.
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ERA Lambros would like to congratulate Adam Hertz, Julie Gardner, Cindi Tack, Bessie Evans and the Tillie and Tony Marshall Team on earning Top Producer for the month of March! Visit any of our offices in western Montana for the most professional and knowledgeable real estate agents in the business.

March 2015 Top Producer

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Real Estate Market report for Missoula County, Bitterroot Valley, Flathead County and Lake County

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vacation home

Thinking about buying a vacation home? Montana is a great vacation destination for any outdoors enthusiast with its majestic mountains, beautiful lakes and rivers, and plenty of scenic vistas. Here are a few things you need to consider:

  • Spend some time here first.  Don’t take our word that Montana is lovely – come and see for yourself!  It’s important to familiarize yourself with the areas you like and find out what the area offers every season.
  • Develop a relationship with a local agent.  Even if you have an agent you like to work with in your own state, you will need to work with an agent licensed in the state of Montana.  A Montana agent will know the local market inside and out.
  • Remember, it’s a vacation home.  In other words, you’ll need to be able to keep up on maintenance.  Purchasing a condo can be an ideal solution, as you may have the benefit of a groundskeeper and maintenance team.
  • Sleep on it.  It’s easy to get excited about the prospect of a relaxing, fun home away from home.  Take a day, sleep on it, and be sure you’re as in love with the property as you were when you first laid eyes on it.

Looking for recommendations on locations?  You can take a peek at our listings or contact one of our agents here.

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ERA Lambros would like to congratulate Tory Dailey, The Mcquirk Team, Carolyn Weisbecker, and Barb Riley on earning Top Producer for the month of February! Visit any of our offices in western Montana for the most professional and knowledgeable real estate agents in the business.

February 2015 Top Producer

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Smiling couple leaning on boxes in new home

by Hadley Malcolm, CNBC.com

A low credit score thwarted Marie Kapelke and her husband Mike Biethan’s plans to try to buy a house early last year.

When the couple, both 26, met with a mortgage specialist in December 2013, they found out Biethan would need to improve his score in order for them to get pre-approved for a mortgage. In fact, neither of them knew their credit scores before meeting with the banker, but they were ready to buy their first home after living in Seattle for about six years.

“We found out, OK your credit score really affects your interest rate,” Kapelke says. Biethan worked to improve his score over the past year, and the two revisited homeownership in the fall. They closed on a townhouse in West Seattle last month.

With rents rising into unaffordable territory, housing inventory up and mortgage rates hovering below 4%, 2015 may prove to be the year of homeownership for millions of Millennials. Real estate website Zillowpredicts Millennials will overcome Gen X as the largest group of home buyers this year — more than half of 18- to 34-year-olds said they plan to buy a house in the next one to five years, according to a survey by Zillow last summer.

But after putting away enough savings, the biggest hurdle for Millennial buyers may be the learning curve that comes with understanding the process, as well as a host of new financial terms, trade-offs and commitments to consider.

It’s a stressful process, especially when you’ve never done it before, recent first-time Millennial buyers say. Kenny Coleman, 25, bought his first place — a loft-style apartment in Cincinnati — in December. He says the first bank he went to for a mortgage wasn’t good at explaining the financing process to a first-timer. “They used all this jargon,” he says. “And they’re talking about all these different insurances.” Coleman, who says the process took him from “complete idiot to pretty well versed” in a matter of weeks, ultimately went to a different bank that was willing to give him a fixed-rate mortgage instead of an adjustable-rate mortgage.

Heading into the popular spring selling season, some real estate companies say they’re already seeing interest spike from new buyers. Listings for townhouses and starter homes have seen more traffic in the past month on john greene Realtor’s website, says Scott Parker, vice president and sales manager.

“There are Millennials on the sidelines that when we provide the right supply on the market are going to be very curious and interested in buying,” he says.

Click here to read the rest of this informative article and find out what you need to know before joining the house hunt yourself.

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